Download a list of all the destination hosts Fingerbank is able to recognize. With this list, you can implement filtering on which destination hosts you should be tracking and include in the destination_hosts field in /api/v2/combinations/interrogate.

This API endpoint provides a list of entries (one per line). Each entry is either a regular expression match (surrounded by slashes) or an exact string match (no surrounding slashes). Entries may also contain a port.

Supported Formats

Request : */*, Response : text/plain


Code Description
401 This request is unauthorized. Either your key is invalid or wasn't specified.
403 This request is forbidden. Your account may have been blocked.
429 The amount of requests per minute has been exceeded. All accounts (even the unlimited ones) are rate limited to 250 requests per minute unless agreed otherwise with Inverse.
502 No API backend was able to process the request. The system may be overloaded, in maintenance or experiencing an issue. Retrying shortly after should work.



Param name Description

Your API key (you can optionally use the Authorization header for improved security)


  • Must be a String

Type: query parameter
Example: "?key=68989f507420b6187c7e4fa32245db311efed505"


Header name Description
Authorization header containing your API key (Bearer standard). Example value for the header: `Bearer 68989f507420b6187c7e4fa32245db311efed505`